Tyres, wheels and brakes

Wheel alignment and balancing in Wellington

Your tyres, wheels and brakes are what keep you on the road so make sure they are safe and legal by calling on Grant Lummis Motors. No matter the requirement or issue our mechanics can cater to any make or model in Wellington, providing wheel alignment and balancing, brake replacement and more. Speak to us to find out what we can do for you.

Wide range of tyres

At Grant Lummis Motors we have a wide range of tyres to suit any vehicle type or budget. We can fit a new set of tyres to your car in complete safety and comfort. With a wide range of choices from the top brands you can select exactly what you want or discuss the options with our team.

Wheel alignments

By getting a wheel alignment from Grant Lummis Motors you are ensuring the safety of your vehicle and extending the life of your tyres. We can tailor a service to your particular vehicle.

Wheel balancing

If you experience any issues in the performance of your wheels on the road come in for a wheel balancing. It is a cheap service that can help make your vehicle much more comfortable to drive. Our wheel alignment and balancing specialists are happy to help.

Wheel servicing

For any issues regarding the tyres or wheels we have fitted, aligned or balanced, you can contact us. We can sort out any issue so that you can return to your regular schedule.

Brake pad replacement

Contact the team from Grant Lummis Motors about replacing your brake pads. It is a relatively cheap solution and will greatly improve the safety of your vehicle in addition to improving your braking and reducing the stopping distances and the chances of being in an accident.

Brake disc machining and replacement

Like brake pads, discs are relatively cheap to machine or replace and can make your vehicle much safer. If your steering wheel shudders when you brake, it is likely that your brake discs require machining or replacement. We will check and measure your brake disks for condition and wear and will check both your brakes and wheels to find the source of the problem.
wheel alignment and balancing in Wellington

Drum brakes servicing

When drum brakes need servicing or replacing they give similar symptoms to disc brakes, so get in contact if you think your drum brakes need servicing. We can correct any problem and help you pass your Warrant of Fitness.
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